School’s about to open after summers! Of course, you got your kids to read, go in for sports, travel, etc., but did your kid also make this period scientifically constructive? Possibly develop an interest in building something of their own? There’s still time to do one more thing this summer – embrace the exciting world of STEM Toys (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with MakenBreak!

MakenBreak offers a wide range of engaging Educational Toys and DIY Kits for Kids that transform playtime into educational adventures. Whether your child is a budding scientist, a creative engineer, or a whiz with numbers, MakenBreak has something to spark each of their interests.

1. Building a World of Wonder: Inspire the Engineer Within!

How about encouraging your child to engineer something amazing? MakenBreak’s selection of Construction Toys provides a hands-on learning experience that’s both fun and educational:

Soar Through the Skies: The classic Biplane kit is a great introduction to building stuff and creating masterpieces. Kids can follow the easy instructions to assemble their very own biplane. Then, they can decorate it and imagine themselves as daring pilots flying across the big blue sky. This simple activity enhances spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Mastering Mechanics: The Hydraulic Maze takes water play to a whole new level! This kit is an excellent activity in the form of a maze which explains how power from water can be used to propel a small ball through different pathways. The whole process can be controlled by the kids to show how the direction and speed of water affect the ball’s movement, making them understand fundamental concepts of hydraulics.

Race with the Sling Racer: The Sling Racer is a DIY pull-back car that kids can assemble and race. This fun project introduces basic mechanical principles. It is exciting to create something that moves.

2. Science Discovery: Learning Through Play!

MakenBreak offers several toys that combine science fun with everyday activities, making them perfect Interactive Science Kits for Kids:

Explore the Solar System: Learning becomes a truly immersive experience with the Tellurion Orrery. This stunning model of our solar system allows kids to explore the planets and the working of the solar system. It sparks their curiosity about space exploration and the wonders of astronomy.

Sort with the Coin Sorter: Turn loose change collections into a learning opportunity with the Coin Sorter. Kids can build this clever device that sorts coins by size. It teaches them about basic engineering principles and classification.

Spin with Ghumakkad: The Ghumakkad is a unique take on a classic toy. This 2-in-1 spinning top can be used as a regular top or transformed into a gyroscope. It allows kids to explore concepts of physics and motion in a fun and active way.

3. Mathematical Adventures: Fun with Numbers!

Calculate with the Crazy Calculator: The Crazy Calculator takes the boredom out of basic math operations. With easy-to-use dials and sliders, kids can perform calculations and see the results come to life. This interactive tool makes learning addition, subtraction, and multiplication fun and engaging.

Master Multiplication: The Math Master is a multiplication machine that helps kids practice and perfect their multiplication skills. It is fun and interactive.

Create Patterns with Dot the Numbers: Learning numbers becomes a delightful game with Dot the Numbers. Kids can use the included tools to create pictures and patterns using dots. This introduces them to basic math concepts and fostering their artistic expression

Opero Numero: Opero Numero is another fantastic tool for math fun. It engages kids in learning numbers and basic operations through playful activities.

4. Robotics Without Coding: Explore with Playful Robots!

Walk with Humanzee: The Humanzee is a walking robot that kids can assemble. It offers an exciting introduction to robotics and movement.

Build the Fidget Bot: The Fidget Bot is a DIY stress-relief toy. Kids can build and customize their own bot. It provides a hands-on way to explore mechanics and enjoy a calming activity.

Hop with Hoppity Rabbit: This jumping robot toy is a delightful way to introduce children to basic robotics and kinetic energy. Kids can assemble the rabbit and watch it hop around. They learn about energy transfer and simple mechanics in the process.

5. Fueling Creativity and Imagination: Spark Artistic Minds!

Learning isn’t all about science and math! MakenBreak also offers engaging toys that spark creativity and imagination:

Sailing the Seas: If you are interested in something that is a level up from the Biplane, the Sailboat kit is for you. It provides a rewarding challenge for older children. Building their own anatomically apt sailboat teaches them its various parts and what role they play

Design with Spiral Art Maker: The Spiral Art Maker brings back the classic Spirograph toy with a modern twist. Kids can create beautiful and intricate spiral designs using different gears and templates. This encourages creativity and fine motor skills development.

Trace with Line Tracer: The Line Tracer helps calibrate hands and eyes as kids draw patterns and follow paths. It enhances their coordination and creativity.

Let’s wind up this summer with MakenBreak’s wide range of STEM Toys and DIY Educational Kits for Kids. Encourage them to explore the mechanics of motion, master math concepts, and foster creativity. Whether your child loves science, engineering, math, language, or art, our toys are designed to engage them deeply.          

Visit MakenBreak today. Make this summer a time of growth, exploration, and fun-filled learning for your young adventurer. Check out our selection of the Best STEM Toys for Kids in 2024 to find the perfect educational tools for your child’s summer adventure.