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Dot The Numbers

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A board-based game for segmented math learning, Dot The Numbers begins a kid’s journey with numerals through trial and error play. It brings back memories of chalk and board for parents whereas kids find it fascinating to discover that these numbers resemble those on traffic lights!

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With its blend of trial and error gameplay and nostalgic elements, Dot The Numbers brings a touch of nostalgia for parents while captivating young minds with the discovery that numbers can resemble those found on traffic lights.


Dot The Numbers is more than just a game—it’s a gateway to segmented math learning. Through a series of interactive challenges and puzzles, kids explore the world of numerals and arithmetic, developing essential math skills along the way. They’ll engage in trial and error play, using their problem-solving abilities to navigate through various numerical scenarios. Each level presents a new opportunity for discovery and mastery, building a strong foundation for mathematical understanding.


Kids, on the other hand, will be fascinated by the game’s unique approach to numbers. As they encounter numerals that resemble those found on traffic lights, they’ll make exciting connections between everyday objects and mathematical concepts. This tangible link between numbers and real-world applications sparks curiosity and encourages deeper engagement with math.

1 review for Dot The Numbers

  1. Upasna

    Kids can learn numbers through this math board smartly.

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