Our Story

The idea behind MakenBreak

At MakenBreak, our mission is to empower kids by creating an environment where they can not only grasp the concepts taught in the classroom but also actively apply their learning. We believe in the transformative power of hands-on experiences, allowing young minds to flourish. 

We aspire to craft unforgettable memories for friends and families of all ages. By fostering collaboration and shared experiences, MakenBreak seeks to create moments that resonate and bring joy to every member of the community. Join us in the journey of play-based learning and making cherished memories together!

Three reasons why
we started MakenBreak!

Parent Approved, Kid Tested

encourage experiential play & quality parent-kid bonding

STEAM is the Future

kids match the rapid pace of technological advancement

Made in India

domestically manufactured toys relevant for Indian kids

From us to you, every step
of the journey.

Discover How MakenBreak Toys Are Made for You: 

Learn about the cool process from the beginning to your home. See how we design and make each toy with care and fun, so it’s perfect when it arrives at your door, ready for you to play and enjoy!

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