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Ghumakkad, 2-in-1 spinning top

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Enjoy the benefits of two toys in one with Ghumakkad Lattoo 2-in-1. First make a spinning top and spin it fast. You can also change its discs to experience a variety of optical illusions. Later on, you can easily modify it into your very own beyblade!

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Ghumakkad, 2-in-1 spinning top

Original price was: ₹210.00.Current price is: ₹170.00.

Fidget Bot, a DIY stressbuster

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Experience the joy of having two toys in one with Ghumakkad! This versatile plaything offers endless entertainment with its unique features. Firstly, Ghumakkad can transform into a fascinating spinning top. Give it a whirl and watch as it spins effortlessly, creating a mesmerizing blur of colors. With Ghumakkad’s interchangeable discs, you can explore a multitude of optical illusions that will leave you spellbound. Change the discs and witness captivating patterns, shapes, and designs come to life before your eyes. Each new disc offers a fresh and thrilling visual experience, making Ghumakkad a truly enchanting toy.


But the fun doesn’t stop there! Ghumakkad can be easily modified into your very own beyblade. Simply adjust its components, and you’ll have a powerful spinning weapon at your fingertips. Engage in exciting battles with friends as your personalized beyblade takes center stage. Discover the thrill of strategic maneuvers and high-speed clashes as your beyblade whizzes through the arena, aiming for victory.



1 review for Ghumakkad, 2-in-1 spinning top

  1. Upasna

    Very cool! beyblade nostalgia

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